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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

We do not have the staff to deliver at this time. But we will be partnering with a couple of delivery services in the future - so watch for that!

Can I order ahead for pick up?

Yes! You can call, email, or FB message us your order. Please be sure to get confirmation - and a minimum of 24 hours ahead is optimal.

Prepayment is needed for anything over $20.

When calling in orders, please understand that when we are busy with customers in the shop, we may be not be able to answer calls.

Are you following COVID-19 Guidelines?

Yes! We are following current CDC guidelines from

Can I place an order for my entire office/business?

Yes! We need advance notice, though, because we'll be making your order while serving customers in the shop at the same time (or calling in someone to just do yours). So if you  are ordering for more than 4 people in your office, let us know at least an hour before you want your lunch via phone or coming in. If you are ordering for 8 -12 people we need at least 24 hours notice via coming in, emilaing, FB messenger, or calling. For more than 12 people please allow 2 days notice via coming in, emilaing, FB messenger, or calling. Please be sure to get a confirmation if you email or FB message us your order. All orders over $20 are prepaid.

Do you have catering trays?

Yes! At least 2 days advance notice is required. Contact us for more details.

Can I place a special order?

Yes! We can do special orders for bagels, cream cheeses, and desserts. Any bagel order over 2 dozen must be placed in advance (at least 1 day before). Larger quantities may require an order placed with our suppliers just for you, so advance ordering and a deposit are required. Near and during holiday seasons the lead times required may be longer. Contact us for more details.

Are your Bagels...

Gluten free? We do offer a plain gluten free bagel. Please allow 10 min. in store, or call ahead.

Dairy free? Most bagels are dairy free.  

Vegetarian? Most bagels are vegetarian. 

Vegan? Most of our 28 varieties of bagels are vegan (exceptions: French Toast, Egg, Egg Everything, Pizza, Asiago Cheese, New Yorkers, Spinach Parmesan, Cheddar, and Pesto Mozzarella).

Keto-friendly? At this time, our bagels are not keto-friendly.

Kosher? The bagels are prepared in a kosher facility, and are kosher coming into our shop. Or shop, however, is not certified kosher.

Sugar Free? No

Do you sell loaves of bread?

We do not sell loaves of bread at this time.

Do you sell meats by the pound?

We sell NY style deli sandwiches. We do not sell our meats outside of sandwiches.

I am allergic to....

Please ask about your allergens! In our shop we serve items that contain milk, eggs, fish (salmon), tree nuts (pecans), wheat, and soybeans (lecithin), sesame seeds, and poppy seeds.

Do your bagels contain soy?


Can I purchase an entire cheesecake?

Yes! We generally have some sizes and flavors on hand, but ordering ahead is ideal. We need Junior's cheesecake orders by Wednesdays for Friday afternoon delivery weekly.

Can I buy a box of cupcakes (9) or a dozen or more?

Yes! If you are ordering more than 1 box (9 cupcakes) please order ahead. Our Junior's cupcakes need to be ordered by Wednesdays for Friday afternoon delivery weekly.

Do you serve lox?

Yes! We offer a Nova Lox sandwich, served open faced, with plain cream cheese, lox, red onions, and capers.

We also serve a lox cream cheese spread.

Do you deliver?

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